We organize personalized group trips to any destination in Mexico and abroad. If your group is greater than 15 people, we will help you create the perfect itinerary by adding all the services you need.We know that planning and operating a trip for a large group of people is a complex task that requires time, experience and a lot of responsibility, that is why we want to help you, we will take care of even the smallest detail so your experience be just as you imagined it.



    We create tailored educational trips to stimulate student learning in various settings, such as museums, companies, scientific centers, nature reserves, historic places, emblematic cities, exposing them to different cultures and lifestyles, expanding their vision of the world , in addition to strengthening ties with their friends and classmates, an experience that they will remember all their lives.

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    We design business trips to encourage participants to bond with their co-workers in a relaxed environment outside the daily routine of their work environment. We include dynamics to enhance teamwork, coordination between áreas or improve communication. We also organize work sessions to plan new projects, solve problems, redesign processes or analyze results. These trips can also serve as a reward for excellent job performance or for the achievement of team goals and objectives.


    We organize all-inclusive tourist trips to any destination in Mexico and abroad. Whether you choose an adventure or ecotourism trip, a trip of rest and relaxation, or perhaps a trip to explore a new destination and get to know another culture, or whatever your motivation, we take care of putting together an unforgettable travel itinerary in which you enjoy in the company of your friends, your family or whoever you want.


    We make all-inclusive trips to the Huasteca Potosina in San Luis Potosí, México; we guide you on an exciting adventure or an ecotourism expedition to get to know some of the most beautiful and impressive waterfalls in Mexico, such as the Tamul and Minas Viejas Waterfalls, to practice rappelling next to the highest waterfall of San Luis Potosí, challenge yourself in an adrenaline-filled rafting trip on the Tampaón River, let yourself be fascinated by jumping and swimming in a fun circuit of waterfalls, or sailing in pangas in the middle of the jungle and tour through the charming Surrealist Garden of Xilitla; our certified guides and experts in the area, will accompany you at all times so that you live a magical trip to this Mexican paradise.



One of our main ingredients to make unforgettable experiences is to have professional guides who are attentive, proactive and human, with different profiles to suit each type of trip and destination, in addition to being trained in group management and safety. Our staff will help you to solve any setback and fulfill any wish that your group wants, because our philosophy is to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Uno de nuestros principales ingredientes para hacer experiencias inolvidables, es contar con guías profesionales que sean atentos, proactivos y humanos, con diferentes perfiles para adecuarse a cada tipo de viaje y destino.


Each of our advisors is trained to guide the travel coordinators and always provide them with the best options. Our advisors know very well all the details that must be taken into account to organize a perfect group trip, your advisor will become your right hand to create a successful program.Our service is totally personalized so that each experience is unique and enjoyed by each of the members of your group, including you. We will undertake the task of knowing your tastes and preferences to plan your travel experiences according to your requirements, allowing you to actively participate in the organization of the trip and being open to making the adjustments that you deem necessary.

Cada uno de nuestros asesores se encuentra capacitado para guiar a los coordinadores de viaje. Nuestros asesores conocen muy bien todos los detalles que deben de tomarse en cuenta para organizar un viaje grupal perfecto, tu asesor se convertirá en tu mano derecha para crear un programa exitoso.

Nuestro servicio es totalmente personalizado para que cada experiencia sea única y disfrutada por cada uno de los integrantes de tu grupo, incluido tú.


We offer you different ways to take you to your destination, you can choose if you prefer to travel by luxury panoramic bus, in special vans to take you to an event or choose the shuttle service. We can reserve private vans for your group on international routes. We also include the service of one or more drivers throughout the trip. We have agreements with the best transport companies so that you travel comfortably and without worries.For local trips, the most common is to use vans or buses, in large cities it is also possible to use faster means such as the subway, metrobus or train, and if conditions allow it, we like to use different and fun options such as bicycles, trams, tuc tucs or trolleys.

Te ofrecemos diferentes maneras de llevarte a tu destino, puedes elegir si prefieres viajar en autobús panorámico de lujo, en camionetas especiales para llevarte a algún evento o elegir el servicio de shuttle. Podemos reservar camionetas privadas para tu grupo en rutas internacionales. Incluímos también el servicio de uno o varios conductores durante todo el viaje. Tenemos convenios con las mejores empresas de transporte para que viajes cómodo y sin preocupaciones.


We believe that gastronomy is a must on every trip, so we like to take you and your group to the best places to try delicious and typical food of the destination we visit. We can take you to restaurants awarded with Michelin stars or renowned chefs, so that your experience is more meaningful and so that you live and really know the destinations visited.We include alternative options and if necessary, vegan, vegetarian and kosher menus. We take into account the special nutritional needs of your group, we are attentive to allergies and specific indications of each of the people who make up your group.

Creemos que la gastronomía es un imprescindible en cada viaje, por lo que nos gusta llevarte a ti y a tu grupo a los mejores lugares para que pruebes comida deliciosa y típica del destino que visitamos. Podemos llevarte a restaurantes galardonados para que tu experiencia sea más significativa y para que vivas y conozcas realmente los destinos visitados.

Incluimos opciones alternativas y si es necesario, menús veganos, vegetarianos y kosher.


We want your stay to be special, that's why we look for the ideal lodging options for your group and your type of trip. We can accommodate your group in avant-garde, traditional, thematic, boutique hotels, in community project lodgings or in amazing places in the middle of nature. When choosing the best options, we consider that they have a strategic location, that they are comfortable, safe, with nice facilities and that they provide excellent service and attention to the guest.

Queremos que tu estancia sea especial, por eso buscamos las opciones de hospedaje idóneas para tu grupo y tu tipo de viaje. Podemos alojar a tu grupo en hoteles de vanguardia, tradicionales, temáticos, boutique, en hospedajes de proyectos comunitarios o en hospedajes en medio de la naturaleza.

Al elegir las mejores opciones, consideramos que cuenten con una ubicación estratégica, que sean cómodos, seguros, con excelentes instalaciones y que brinden un excelente servicio y atención al huésped.


When the type of trip allows it, we like to include sports and contact with nature activities, always considering the safety of our participants, for this, we add specialized equipment for activities such as canyoning, trekking, hiking, river descent, rappelling, caving, ski, among many other activities that we can include in your experience if you wish.

Cuando el tipo de viaje lo permite, nos gusta incluir actividades deportivas y de contacto con la naturaleza, considerando siempre la seguridad de nuestros participantes, para ello agregamos equipo especializado para actividades como cañonismo, trekking, senderismo, descenso en ríos, rappel, espeleísmo, ski, entre mucha otras.


In addition to all the essential services, we add to the travel itinerary special activities with local guides or experts in a particular topic, these activities include art and architecture tours, thematic rallies, team building dynamics, night walks in the middle of the jungle, gastronomic tours, ski practices, visits to companies, startups, NGOs, government offices, museums, national parks and any activity that helps your group enjoy an incredible experience, and, best of all, we take care of it to organize all the necessary logistics.

Además de todos los servicios esenciales, agregamos al itinerario de viaje actividades especiales con guías locales o expertos en algún tema en particular, estas actividades incluyen tours de arte y arquitectura, rallys temáticos, dinámicas de team building, caminatas nocturnas en medio de la selva, recorridos gastronómicos, prácticas de ski, visitas a empresas, startups, ONGs, oficinas de gobierno, museos, parques nacionales y cualquier actividad que ayude a que tu grupo disfrute de una increíble experiencia.


Our priority in each of our trips is that the experience is truly memorable for each of our participants, because we know from our own experience that traveling is the best way to make friends, interact with incredible people and create bonds, that is why our goal is to create a genuine atmosphere of mutual trust so that all members of the group feel relaxed and with a cheerful spirit so that they feel open to meeting new people, cultures and lifestyles.

Nuestra prioridad en cada uno de nuestros viajes es que la experiencia sea realmente memorable para cada uno de nuestros participantes, pues sabemos por experiencia propia que viajar es la mejor forma de hacer amigos, interactuar con gente increíble y crear lazos, por esto nuestro objetivo en cada viaje es crear una atmósfera genuina y de confianza mutua.


Our service can also include the reservation of tickets to museums, plays, art galleries, cinema, recreational parks or sporting events and any other attraction you want for your group, the most important thing is that we take care of making reservations in advance to make sure you can enjoy them.

Nuestro servicio también puede incluir la reserva de entradas a museos, obras de teatro, galerías de arte, cine, parques recreativos o eventos deportivos y cualquier otra atracción que quieras para tu grupo.


Today, photos and videos are an essential part of any experience, for this reason, some of our staff will dedicate themselves to capturing the best moments of the trip so that all participants can preserve their memories. At the end of the trip, we will share a link with the photos that we took of you and your group while they enjoyed the destination and the activities they did. If you require it, we can also include the video service to record an experience with a specific objective, for your organization or academic institution.

Hoy en día, las fotos y los videos forman parte esencial de cualquier experiencia, por este motivo, algunos miembros de nuestro staff se dedicarán a captar los mejores momentos del viaje para que todos los participantes puedan conservar sus recuerdos. Si lo requieres, también podemos incluir el servicio de video para grabar lo mejor de tu viaje.


One premise of our service is to provide the greatest possible security to our travelers, that is why each of our guides and staff are trained in first aid and group management. We also have a free 24-hour medical service and we take care of carrying a fully equipped medical kit with us at all times and of having emergency protocols in place in case of any eventuality.

Una premisa de nuestro servicio es brindarle la mayor seguridad posible a nuestros viajeros, por eso cada uno de nuestros guías y staff se encuentran capacitados en primeros auxilios y manejo de grupos. Contamos también con servicio médico gratuito las 24 horas y nos encargamos de llevar con nosotros en todo momento un botiquín médico.


From experience we know that unforeseen events can occur when traveling, for this reason, it seems important to consider packages that include medical and traveler insurance for the group and thus be protected at all times.

Por experiencia sabemos que al viajar pueden ocurrir imprevistos, por esta razón, nos parece importante considerar paquetes que incluyan seguros médicos y de viajero.


We can adapt to the specific needs of your group, whether we must include a special menu for vegetarians, organize a special dinner, reserve tickets for an event, pick up you and your companions at the airport, or any extra service you require, we include it in your package.

With our flexibility and customization you can add any service or activity you want to your trip.


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